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At onWidget we believe that every road can lead to a great adventure. That's why we're deeply focused on delivering a better web experience through well-made widgets. Because... We love widgets!

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Our daily bread

Enterprise Grade Widgets

Empowering your Online Presence with Highly Functional, Seamlessly Integrated Widgets for Optimal User Engagement. Adding a dash of Fun to Professionalism with Good Taste.

Seamless integration.

Designed for seamless integration with various platforms, ensuring a smooth, error-free setup that enhances web functionality without disrupting existing workflows.

Conversion-focused Experience.

Answer. Engage. Convince. Connect. Collect.

Robust Technologies.

Employing robust technologies to build durable, high-performance widgets capable of withstanding demanding digital environments while maintaining a sleek user interface.

UI Customization

Branding styles. Internationalization (i18n). Localization (i18n). Tailored to unique brand requirements, ensuring a cohesive user interface, adapting to different languages and regions effortlessly.

Page Loading Speed.

Optimized for fast loading, the widgets enhance user experience by reducing page load time, ensuring swift, responsive interactions on any platform.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Built with SEO in mind, our widgets adhere to best practices to improve site rankings on major search engines, driving organic traffic and engaging audiences.

Mobile-first Design.

With a mobile-first approach, optimal performance and usability on mobile devices are ensured, adapting seamlessly to various screen sizes for a flawless user experience.

Browser Compatibility.

Engineered for broad browser compatibility, ensuring consistent functionality and appearance across all modern browsers, adapting gracefully to different browser environments

Accessibility (a11y).

Prioritizing inclusivity, the interface is user-friendly, navigable, and understandable for all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, adhering to web accessibility standards.

Our Foundations

Why, why & why?

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Enterprise Widgets

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UI/UX Design

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Business focus

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Open Community

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We love widgets!

What was the original meaning of widget? The original meaning of this seems to be to describe something that you couldn't think of the word for. According to some etymologists, 'widget' was a variation of the word 'gadget' which arose in the 1920s or 1930s in the US.

Phonograph Gadget
Telephone Gadget
Typewriter Gadget